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Thursday 4th March

The nameless “sinful woman” (Luke 7:36-50)

It’s hard to explain…

The crushing weight

Of silence and of presence

Of unspoken words

And shameful secrets

Which quelled my emerging spirit

And left my soul sore

Quashing hope

As surely as the tears

Which must never be shed.

It’s hard to explain…

The sense that foundations

Are all adrift

That there is a darkened hollow

Where love should have been

And even existence

Is unwarranted;

That inner isolation

Is deserved

And pain due punishment.

It’s hard to explain…

The weariness of all my choices

Of knowing I can never start again

Of wanting so much,

All that eludes me:

To fly free

And be at least

A fraction of the daughter

God deserves.

By Jeannie Kendall


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