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Sunday 4th April Easter Day

Called by name (John 20:10-18)

My name.

It was the way he spoke my name.


Spoken with love

Spoken with life

Spoken to raise me from despair

To glorious joy.

Thomas John 20:24-29


is hard to describe

unless you have felt

its icy grip.

I'd watched Him die

hanging in humiliation

and with Him

every dream

I ever possessed

every desperate, wasted hope

that my worst fears

might not be

the whole story.

The darkness around Him

matched my inner darkness,

His icy cold, my torn-up heart.

And so I vowed;

"Never again" -

never to have a hope

which could be dashed

a wish

eternally unfulfilled

an expectation

to be - as always -


Let them share

their moment of delusion.

Let me alone

in my despair.

And then -

He came.

By Jeannie Kendall


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