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Learn about the Bible


You may be familiar with much of the content of the Bible.  But how much do you know about the Bible itself?

In conjunction with the Baptist Union, we're bringing you a Lent course, written and presented by esteemed Bible scholar, Helen Paynter. 

It's a video course that's suitable for church groups or individuals who want to understand more about the key book of the Christian faith.

The course will be free-of -charge, with no sign-up required.  And will be hosted by Christianity.org.uk.  It will run throughout Lent 2021, from 17 February to 31 March.  


Course author and presenter, the Revd Dr Helen Paynter, said:


“I wrote and recorded this set of informative videos because I could see that there was a gap in people's knowledge about the books of the Bible and how they fitted in to the bigger picture.


“Much of the Bible is not easy to understand, and there are some passages that are so tricky that Christians and non-Christians alike question and wrestle with them. But we believe that we have nothing to fear when studying the story of a God who loves each one of us so deeply.


"Christianity.org.uk is the ideal platform to carry the series, as we have a shared set of values of balance, objectivity and openness.


“I recommend this Lent course for anyindividual or group who wants to dig deeper into the Christian faith.”