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Saturday 3rd April

Easter Saturday (Mark 15:42-47)

It has been some time since night fell.

Even the moon is hidden;

Shining but unseen

Behind dark folds of clouds

Obscuring every sign of radiance.

The truth is veiled in the dark:

Silence masking any presence,

Even Yours. Especially Yours.

You are gone.

I feel abandoned

In a world where You are silent.

I long for You to speak:

Alleviate this terrible isolation

With some word of Your presence:

Any sign that You care.

But You are gone.

I cannot hope for dawn,

As nothing will change.

You are gone.

Yet I will choose,

Even when hope is lost,

To sing in the darkness

And tomorrow

Take my spices

For the final farewell.

By Jeannie Kendall


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