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Thursday 1st April

Coming back (Reflecting on Peter’ denial from Luke 22:54-62 and John 21:15-23)

It was the smell that lingered.

Acrid, burning charcoal:

The fire which offered welcome

But delivered only shame.

I had such hopes of myself:

The rush of adrenaline

And hope for heroism

Eradicating memory

Of all that He had said.

It was the sound that lingered.

Words, so quickly spoken,

The fire of regret

Burning my cheeks

As soon as they were uttered,

And the penetrating cry

Of the crow:

Meaning mornings would always

Bring remembering with pain.

It was my failure that lingered.

The stark realisation

That I could never

See myself the same again:

That others would view me always

Through the lens

Of this, my greatest defeat.

It was the love that lingered.

From every time I caught His gaze:

From that second fire,

From the new task He gave,

From His Spirit given,

From my second, third, fourth chance.

It was the love that lingered.

By Jeannie Kendall


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