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Thursday 25th February

Healing of the leper (Luke 5:12-16)

It is not easy to explain.

The crippling isolation,

Beginning when the priest

Looked me over

My skin burning

With humiliation

As real as the spreading

War with death.

In the end

It is almost a relief to leave.

Sit out the shame

In private;

Not face the sorrow,

Battling with fear,

In the eyes of those I loved.

Shouting ‘unclean’

Was the least of it:

The real agony

Feeling that no-one –

God included –

Could ever accept me.

Crippled with pain more inside

Than outside:

Spirit lacerated more

Than nerve endings ever could be.

It was not just my skin

He healed that day

With touch as gentle

As his gaze.

It was my soul.

By Jeannie Kendall

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