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Monday 29th March

Mary anoints Jesus (Reflecting on John 12:1-11)

I didn’t fully understand it then.

Perhaps I still don’t.

On the face of it, it made no sense.

I’d saved it, hoping against hope

One day I might need the dowry

My parents had not lived to see.

But time passed, and with it opportunity,

And my treasured perfume languished,

Apparently discarded,

Much as my life felt.

But then we met Him.

And life took on new meaning;

Devotion, fresh significance.

Till somehow, on that day,

I saw the love and pain

Reflected in His eyes;

As though the burden of the universe

Lay upon His shoulders,

Light battling with the darkness,

A silent, isolating agony.

And I found myself

Astonished that those round Him

Had failed to see the anguish in His soul;

Distracted by their petty disagreements

And self-important posturing.

It broke my heart.

And so, not caring for my reputation,

Or their facile judgements,

I poured out

Not just my perfume

But all my adoration,

Because He was my friend.

By Jeannie Kendall


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