• Ruth

On Thursday...

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

On Thursday, it was all about the niggles...who would let them have the Passover meal; so threatening, that they had communicate through secret signals. Who would deal with the slaves' jobs - they were arguing about who was the greatest.

On Thursday, he must have been fed up with their childishness and bickering.

On Thursday, he fed them and he washed their feet.

In the middle of the niggles, in the heart of the arguing - he met their need, cherished them and cared for them.

And in the middle of our niggly world - not the big stuff, that we can prepare for and deal with, but the day to day irritations and complaints, those little things that fray our nerves and just make us snappy, the everyday stuff that gets under our skin - how do we meet him there, how do we find our nourishment. And how do we nourish others.

On Thursday, he loved them in their humanness...


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