• Ruth

Looking....on Sunday

Today I see a man on a donkey

It's a ridiculous sight. The donkey is really too small to carry him, his feet drag on the ground.

And there are branches and cloaks, the crowd is cheering and the children are running wild.

What's it about?

He's been out and about the last few years, teaching, healing, setting the countryside by the ears.

He's certainly been successful in building up support. Most of it from those who don’t know any better, it has to be said. Only to be expected, when he preaches blessing to the poor and criticises the powers that be.

He hasn’t really presented a coherent programme, as far as I can tell.

Except trust in God and love one another.

Which, you have to admit, is pretty vague.

I see a man on a donkey and crowds running after him.

They say there's a new world coming, but I can’t see that.


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