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Easter Day Communion: Words of Institution

We are the body of Christ.

And we come today to break bread and to pour out wine in memory of him.

The body of Christ is broken for us,

We are broken.

I am broken,

You are broken.

We have broken the body of Christ

The blood of Christ is poured out for our transgressions.

We are full of sin.

I am sinful,

You are sinful.

And it is only by his wounds that we are healed.

The body of Christ is raised for our forgiveness.

We are broken and sinful.

And yet we are healed.

I am forgiven.

You are forgiven.

The body of Christ eternally bears the marks of crucifixion.

And we return to this table to repeat the story of brokenness and healing, of sin and forgiveness.

Because we still sin, and we are still broken.

Christ is risen.

He is risen indeed.

So let us eat bread, drink wine,

and take deep within ourselves the reality of the cross,

that on this day of new life, we might find healing, forgiveness, and resurrection.



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