• Ruth

What does caring look like?

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

As we ponder these strange words "to care and not to care" part of the pondering could profitably be "what is it to care?"

There is much in the media at the moment specifically designed to make us "care"; to touch our emotions, arouse our compassion, get into our purses - and quite rightly. There are places and contexts in which we can make a difference if we will give and give generously.

Is that caring?

There is also a big push to make us "feel" - stories are told that are designed to arouse our sympathy, or our anger, or our dislike and judgement. And each of these is a way of "caring" - when we feel such things, we are "caring" about whatever the issue or situation is.

Is that caring?

There are times when, in frustration, exhaustion, irritation, we respond to somebody or something "I don't care".

What do we mean?

It turns out this is not straightforward.

"Teach us to care and not to care" may be a helpful prayer as we try to discern what it is to "care" in ways that matter, that change things - that chnage us - and not to care in ways that are controlling, or demeaning, or ineffetie.


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