• Ruth

Behind closed doors

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

They had locked the doors, and he appeared among them

It's a bit much when you lock the doors to keep yourself safe, and somebody you believe to be dead turns up.

And that's what happened to the disciples. Talking through all that had been going on, and suddenly, there was Jesus, asking for something to eat.

How were they supposed to make sense of it?

What were they supposed to do about it?

They handed over the fish and waited.

Surely he might have something deep and significant to say. Surely he might have a wonderful message to pass on that would still all their doubts.

Surely he has more to say than "please can I have something to eat?"

What do they want of him?

What do I want of an amazingly risen Saviour. Probably not something as mundane a "please give me something to eat" - even if it does serve to demonstrate he is really there.

I want somebody amazing.

I get somebody who is present in and to the everyday.

How do I make sense of that?


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