• Ruth

On Tuesday, we sit and listen to Jesus teaching.

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Over the week, Jesus taught them in the Temple

He used several live visual aids.

Jesus was happy not to turn up with a script, but to sit and look around, and see where God and what God is doing.

He pointed to the woman dropping coins in the treasury.

He pointed to the religious leaders and commented on the way they behaved.

He pointed to the stones and said they would be destroyed.

He looked around him at normal stuff and saw the traces of God, the signs of God at work.

How open are my eyes and how flexible is my imagination?

Where and how do I see od, and do I take the time to look?

Dare I take seriously the possibility me that a God present in Jesus – a human being – is involved, is found, is to be traced, not in the rariedfied atmosphere of some secluded holy spot, but in people’s actions, in the conflicts with authoirty, in the world?


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