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Wednesday 17th March

The woman with a hemorrhage (Luke 8:43-48)

A woman like me

Becomes invisible.

Other women

Bring an empathy

Which whilst compassionate

Is impotent to help.

The men –

Well they cannot bear

Something they cannot fix

And no-one could mend

My broken body

Or inner distress.

But that day

I thought invisibility

Could be my friend.

If I could just touch his cloak –

Breaking all laws

But surely God would understand –

Then healing must surely

Come to me

As others claimed

It had to them.

So, shawl covering me,

Lest I be recognised

And shamed

By the reminder

That I was unclean

And so not welcome,

I made my way through the crowd,

Reached out

And knew at once

That I was healed.

But somehow he knew,

And my invisibility


As my fear


But all he wanted

Was to let me go

With the kindness

In his eyes

And the blessing

In his words.

By Jeannie Kendall

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